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In today’s podcast, our next guest has joined us all the way from Canada to help explain the intricacies and complexities of men’s health, and managing what matters. Dr Don McCreary is an international scientific consultant specialising in men’s health; workplace stress, health, and resilience; and human research ethics review. With a career spanning over thirty years, Dr McCreary has worked in a variety of applied and basic research contexts including military, first responder, health care environments, not-for-profit organisations and academic. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience to our conversation today.

Dr McCreary is also the founder and owner of Donald McCreary Scientific Consulting, which conducts scientific reviews, provides strategic advice, runs workshops, seminars and briefings, and conducts in-depth research in the area of men’s health. Outside of this, Dr McCreary also operates as a Men’s Health Advisor and Facilitator for the Movember Foundation.

We are very excited to be able to steal some of Dr McCreary’s time today, and are sure you’ll enjoy some of the revealing conversation we have, especially on the subject of men’s body image.

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