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The LIVIN Unplugged podcast features conversations with people closely connected to LIVIN. All these people have unique perspectives on life; most have inspiring stories to tell or stories of heartache and overcoming adversity – but of significance – ALL have a passion for LIVIN and the great work LIVIN is doing to break the stigma surrounding mental health and to work toward the shared goal of helping to prevent people from dying too young. Everyone you hear on LIVIN Unplugged is a LIVIN Legend. The organisation would not exist without our LIVIN Legends, so we thought why not make our LIVIN Legends Loud! We thought it would be a wonderful idea for you to hear from these amazing people.

Every episode has both practical takeaways and thought provoking insights, as well as a bit of banter. At LIVIN, we believe we’ve got the balance fairly right – there’s a time and place to talk seriously and highly professionally about mental health, mental ill health and suicide, a time and place for tears and hugs, but there’s also a time and place to crack a joke, smile and laugh! Our intention for each episode is to be raw, open and authentic

By listening, you’ll learn more and more about LIVIN, what LIVIN is up to, the characters associated with LIVIN and why LIVIN is bloody awesome. Here’s your chance to grab yourself a cuppa and listen to our LIVIN Legends!

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